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// October 07, 2023

Children are guests who ask for the way

Live To Love Care action for women, mothers, their children and of course the fathers from Ukraine:
Great joy in the rooms in Wartenau!

The Live To Love movement is secularly oriented. However, the dialogue of diverse cultures and faiths is explicitly encouraged and should contribute to more understanding and peace among people.

Therefore, it was a special pleasure for us that the representative of the Drukpa Order in Europe and head of the well-known meditation center in Plouray, France - Drubpon Ngawang Tenzin - honored this Live To Love event with his presence yesterday. He expressed his heartfelt sympathy to the shelter seekers for their difficult situation. From the perspective of Buddhist philosophy, he explained that in our lives everything is in constant change - so surely one day the suffering experienced by those present would also come to an end and new hope would appear as a perspective.


He put beautiful bracelets around the wrists of the children and adults, which are supposed to give luck and blessings. Drubpon Ngawang Tenzin, well aware that almost all Ukrainians are of the Christian faith, made sure that a prayer from his religious culture would be accepted. Then he and Djigme Dordje, who assists him as a translator, recited a prayer for the removal of obstacles - although the Ukrainians did not understand the language, at the end they told how much peace and calm they felt.

After that, they played exuberantly: The children made figures out of chestnuts with wooden sticks, eyes and feathers - there were no limits to their creativity.
The youngest children were especially enthusiastic about the hula hoop, with which they ran around jumping for joy. It is always heartwarming to witness these moments of lightness and joy.

All the brought needs, such as food, diapers and clothes, were gratefully received. The adults shared various topics and in the end we could once again sum up that the gatherings really make happy and contribute a lot to understanding.

With warm regards,
Your Live To Love Team


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