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// 15th January 2023

Pictures say more than 1000 words

To be exposed to even a single day of these harsh weather conditions, the icy wind and the cold rain showers on the street, was challenging even for us today. What is it like first for people who are homeless? Today we have seen a lot of hardship, hunger and misery on the streets among people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Sundays are currently some of the hardest days of the week for homeless people. Many institutions are closed and there are few visitors in the city. Therefore, there are hardly any handouts. For many, loneliness is especially hard to bear on this day, we were told.


There were conversations with homeless people who summed up their almost hopeless life situation very clearly.
They were especially grateful for the time shared and for the warm drinks, nourishing soup and warm clothes offered.
At the end of this day - which was marked by many shocking impressions - we are all very happy to have met all these people and to have been able to show them at least a little human warmth and friendliness.  
Many impressions still have an effect. We wish all homeless people from the bottom of our hearts a lot of support, strength, good luck and success to get and take a safe place in society again.

Your Live To Love Team


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