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// May 16, 2023

Sharing is the new having

The secret of happiness lies not in possessing, but in giving. Those who make others happy become happy.
- Andre Gide
Live To Love-Care for shelter seekers from Ukraine - because sharing is the new having.
First of all, it is very important for us to express our indescribable gratitude to all supporters from 7 to 86 years old!
Your generous and beautiful donations in kind, your handicrafts and homemade food have led to so much joy and gratitude. You are absolutely present through it and maybe you even felt something of it.
In the phenomenon of the ripple effect it is precisely described that each one of us creates so-called circles of influence - whether we want it or not.
Everything we are, what we say, what we do or don't do, exerts an effect on other living beings and they in turn pass it on - like waves, that ripple endlessly and even when we can no longer see them, they continue on the most subtle level.
Nina from the organization "Nordherz" had made a survey in her chats during the last days and told us the following result:
To laugh together once again - and to forget the problems of everyday life of a refugee existence - is one of the reasons why the Ukrainians come to the Live To Love - Care actions.
The other reason is, of course, to obtain necessary donations in kind.

Thank you Nina. What we share is more than cooperation - it is respectful friendship.
So we spread all our gifts on the tables, had very personal conversations and played, danced and sang with the children.
They accepted all these offers with such great openness and joy - their lively and very sweet laughter continues to shine in our hearts.
We wish you all the best, health, confidence and security on your way.
We will be back next month.

Your Live To Love Team



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