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// October 17, 2021

1,650 trees planted in Klövensteen

It's autumn - finally! Because now we can continue with tree planting and fill our vision with life. Put on your rubber boots and get to work: For the third time this year, Live To Love Germany has invited you to the tree planting campaign in Hamburg's Klövensteen!

Originally we wanted to plant 1000 more oak heisters - but the forester's office had decided: The oak heisters are not ready yet. Instead, the forester Philipp Lehmkühler transported young strong mountain elms and copper beeches to the planting site with his jeep and surprised us with a larger supply: So we counted a total of 1650 trees!

Our team was made up of people of all ages and different cultures. A lively diversity, just like in healthy forests. Everyone immediately started digging holes in the loose forest soil with shovels, small and large spades, highly motivated. At intervals of about one meter, the mountain elms and copper beeches were placed in the soil and covered again with earth. Planting trees definitely makes you happy: digging with your hands in the soil, breathing in that spicy smell and planting trees not only helps to preserve the forests, but also strengthens your own inner nature. In the common experience and by the direct experience a deep relationship develops in completely natural and natural way to the soil, the trees, mushrooms, plants and millions and millions of living beings, which are effective for the health of the earth. Environmental protection is self-protection.

love digging in the earth and planting something - it calms and gives deep peace. Today I can give something back to the earth - that's all I need to be happy."


Did you know that an adult human breathes in and out almost 5 million liters of oxygen per year? Trees provide us humans with valuable oxygen - where would we be without them? Against the backdrop of the consequences of climate change for forests, every tree that can withstand climate change now truly counts: Mountain elms and copper beeches are definitely among them and contribute to the development of a mixed forest in Klövensteen.

During the planting, one participant told how he had put a chestnut tree in the ground in his parents' garden as a child - over the years, he had literally "grown together" with it. Unfortunately, the tree had to be cut down after decades because the roots damaged the sewer system. It could hardly stand that. Experiencing how new trees are now being planted is a great comfort to him.


I don't feel like just holding up posters anymore - I'd rather go to the forest and help plant trees - taking direct action and helping to make a difference, that's what's important to me.


They always say that once in your life you should build a house, plant a tree and father a child - I'm already allowed to raise one child, today I was able to help put so many trees in the ground that I don't need to build another house. It was a lot of fun."

In the end, the district forester Nils Fischer also joined us and expressed great praise for our professional plantings. Of course, we were very pleased about this and are highly motivated to continue contributing to the transformation of the Klövensteen into a vital mixed forest. Thanks to the announcement in the Hamburger Abendblatt some participants spontaneously came to the tree planting. Many thanks also to the ASB Zeitspender-Agentur Hamburg, which supported us in a wonderful way with various announcements of our action.
We will continue the tree planting already in November:
Thanks to the expertise we have gained, we can now confidently increase our vision in many 100,000 steps! We are happy about every donation that goes into the tree planting project and contributes to the recovery and strengthening of the earth.

Wow, thank you for your enthusiasm

We would also like to thank all those who planted 1650 trees with their indescribable enthusiasm and contagious joy - wow - that was just great and has written itself deep into our hearts!    

From our hearts

Your Live To Love Team.

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