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// December 17, 2023

16 years - Live To Love campaigns for the homeless!

“The true greatness of a society is shown in how it treats the weakest. In the simplicity of sharing and kindness we find the true richness of the human heart.”

The general situation of homeless people across Germany is a complex challenge. Although social programs are in place, many of those affected face problems such as poverty, unemployment and mental illness. The pandemic has further exacerbated the situation as social services have been restricted. A coordinated effort by the government, municipalities and NGOs is needed to find sustainable solutions to the homelessness problem and address the root causes.
According to the Hamburg street magazine Hinz & Kunzt, at least 44 homeless people have died on the streets of Hamburg in the past 12 months.
We have been on the streets for 16 years in the spirit of Live To Love for the homeless. We have learned so much about the individual fates and this has contributed to a great deal of understanding and kindness. We can only recommend gaining experience yourself. A few sandwiches, a hot tea, friendly moments and gestures are precious gifts and an expression of our humanity.

A peaceful 3rd Advent to you all
Your Live To Love Team
A lack of resources and adequate support for homeless people can lead to visible poverty and despair, which some people find disturbing or threatening. One reason could be social prejudices or stereotypes associated with homelessness. Some people feel unsafe or uncomfortable because they have preconceptions about homeless people, often linked to false assumptions or lack of understanding.
It is important to note that the perception of homelessness and the feelings associated with it can depend heavily on individual beliefs, experiences and culture. Awareness raising and education can help to reduce prejudice and promote understanding of the complexity of homelessness.

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