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// 20th November 2022

A valuable contribution to healthy forests

The forest is a special being, of unlimited goodness and affection, which makes no demands and generously passes on the products of its life's work; it offers shelter to all creatures and provides shade even for the woodcutter who cuts down trees.
~ Buddha (560 - 480 B.C.), also: Siddhartha Gautama (Pali: Siddhattha Gotama), founder of the philosophy named after him Buddhism.
This universal truth of an enlightened man is nowadays confirmed by modern science in all relevant contexts.
This is very helpful - but no theoretical inspiration can be replaced by a direct experience. We had that today in abundance!

The consequences of climate change motivated many people to take up a spade and plant climate-resilient trees in Klövensteen and protect the precious forest habitat.
138 participants aged 3 to 75 came today to plant strong beech light feathers in the ground on World Children's Day. With sunshine and fragrant mossy soil, planting was easy today.
One third of the participants were children, who really impressed with their statements:
"If we start planting more trees, one day those trees will outlive us - and if everyone plants trees, one day we'll have a world full of trees and then it will be healthy again."
"Helping each other plant - being together is just beautiful."
"When you fly planes and drive cars so much, you have to give something back to nature."
"Trees filter the air - it's good for all of us."
"As long as there are so few cars that are environmentally friendly, we have to do something to make sure the oxygen balance in the air is okay."
"We go to demonstrations, we ride bicycles, and we no longer eat meat in the family - as a contribution to climate protection. Today we're here to plant a tree directly - that's extraordinarily
a lot of fun and is really sustainable."

The enthusiasm among the participants was absolutely remarkable and extremely fulfilling.
By the way, with today's planting action we are close to having anchored the 10,000th tree in the soil of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg - next year we will continue.
We thank all helpers - big and small - for every tree planted and especially your joyful motivation. You are wonderful people!
And a big thank you to Toyota Dello Autohaus for their campaign to donate a tree to every hybrid car buyer!
Very happy
Your Live To Love Team!


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