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// September 18, 2021

AHOI! Coole Beute für Piraten am Elbstrand

Heute, am World Cleanup Day ...

...haben die Live To Love Piraten und Piratinnen zum wiederholten Mal den Elbstrand bei Övelgönne geentert und diesen mit großem enthusiastischem Einsatz vor allem von Mikroplastik, Kronkorken und Zigarettenkippen befreit.

Grandmothers, parents, children and teenagers today answered the call for this action. The weather was perfect. The mood of all carried by the motivation to do something for the earth and against climate change. Provided with headbands, gloves, grabbers and trash bags, the beginning was kicked off with a lively, interactive exchange by Stefanie about trash on the beach, plastic in the ocean and the dangerous microplastic. The bright young people and children are already very aware of the issue and therefore numerous children immediately wanted to contribute to the Mutiny Against Plastic. The beach was divided into three areas for the different age groups and thoroughly cleaned by all. Today, there was considerably less visible trash lying around, because quite a few NGO's had already done perfect preparatory work in the last few days. Therefore, the area initially looked cleaner than in previous years - but this was only the case on the surface... Under the thin layer of sand, many foil packagings, cigarette butts and crown caps appeared. With the help of tea strainers, even the smallest plastic particles were collected. To get an idea of how many cigarette butts were there, they were collected in a large glass.

When the individual areas were cleaned, a quiz adapted to the respective age groups led to three buried treasure chests. There was great jubilation! After all, pirates also want to find treasure. There were great prizes: homemade colored dough for the youngest participants with a recipe to copy; marbles for the older children and bird house kits for the younger participants. The captured sweets were distributed in a really fair way. In only two hours the beach was freed from almost 17 kg of micro plastic waste - a really great result, because the particles are actually extremely small and accordingly light!


Bottle mail has a long and very beautiful tradition in many coastal cities around the world. The bottles often drift thousands of kilometers with the current. The senders do not know if and when their mail will be found and answered at all. Today, all the children were able to entrust their concerns about plastic waste to a glass bottle with their letters. Small gems were added for the future recipients to wish them luck & health with. Some will send their message in a bottle to the Baltic Sea or the Mediterranean Sea during the upcoming fall vacations. A highlight was the trip on the Elbe with the mooring boat "Stek Ut" from the museum harbor and captain Till Braun. Since certain safety requirements must be fulfilled for the trip in the boat, 5 children and young people were given the opportunity to sail with him across the Elbe River in a lottery and to hand over a few bottles to the current in the direction of the sea. Dear Captain Till Braun, you have given us all an unforgettable boat trip and we are full of gratitude for it.

We are also very grateful to the very friendly film team from Noa TV. This was present from the beginning for filming. As always very professional, sympathetic and emphatic situations were filmed and various interviews conducted. We are looking forward to your contribution for Living to Love! The refreshment at the pirate buffet with cake, fruit and hot drinks became the warm conclusion of this day. We met many wonderful people and very inspiring and encouraging conversations filled this day with richness.

AHOI, dear pirates and pirate women!

We have cool new ideas for the next actions together and look forward to many more adventures with you! Hopefully, in the future we will come together more for renaturation of the earth, such as planting trees and creating fields for insects, such as bees and butterflies, instead of continuing to collect trash. We will see & definitely keep going! That's for sure.


Your Live To Love Team.

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