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// May 20, 2023

Happy World Bee Day

Fan out for wild bees and other insects!
Today on World Bee Day, when the UN calls for protection for bees, we energized the existing Live To Love flower meadows for insects. We planted additional wildflowers in the ground that are popular with bees: mealy sage, grass carnation, goldenseal, and catnip

Even though it is only a few inches tall, the bee is one of the world's third most important "life keepers." About 80 percent of all plants - including fruits and vegetables - depend on pollination by bees. It not only ensures the diversity of the plant world, but also contributes significantly to the nutrition of humans and animals.

More than ever, it is of great importance to create healthy habitats for bees - surprisingly, especially in cities, where there are fewer pesticide-contaminated fields than in the countryside.
Pesticides attack both the nervous and immune systems of bees.
Short-flowering monocultures also affect the lives of bees. They cannot provide the small winged animals with the necessary biodiversity and also have a negative impact on arable soil and drinking water. All monoculture plants bloom at the same time and the bees starve if they cannot switch to other plants.
Therefore: those who put flowering herbs and plants in balcony boxes also make a life-supporting contribution. This strengthens the immune system of the bees, which currently also have to protect themselves against the threatening varroa mites. Varroa mites carry viruses and bacteria into the bee colonies and can be life-threatening as a result.
All bees are also happy to have small places of refuge to which they can retreat. For this reason, nesting aids were also produced during our campaign, which anyone can easily build.
Many thanks to all who were present today and even "in passing" spontaneously helped to make the biotopes into beautiful habitats for the bees.
Being active together for the preservation of life on earth is an endless joy!

With warm regards
Your Live To Love Team

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