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// November 21, 2021

New trees, new habitats

Protect and preserve life with tree planting!

This weekend, we planted in two different places in Hamburg. At the children's playground in the Altona Volkspark, the Live To Love team planted several beech trees on Saturday.

In Hamburg Hummelsb├╝ttel, these were different varieties such as field maple, birch, ash, fluttering elm and black poplar - all trees that can cope with climate change - donated by Fielmann AG. A single tree actually provides a home for hundreds of thousands of animals. Insects find shelter and food in the bark - beetles lay their eggs on the trunk, the larvae bore into the wood and live there until they fly out. The holes then in turn become habitats for more insects. Squirrels and bats raise their young in trees and find refuge in them in winter. Birds build their nests in the crown, caterpillars find food - moths, flies and bees pollinate flowers and sip the nectar. Deer love to nibble on the young shoots in spring, and hedgehogs find shelter in the leaves in autumn. The autumn leaves provide food for worms, which in turn enrich the soil with humus. Did you know that earthworms are vegetarians? They feed on soil and plant remains. In one night, an earthworm pulls up to 20 leaves into its living tube to consume them during the day.

The growing understanding of the immense importance trees occupy in the ecocycle and what they provide from their own nature truly humbles one. Live to love: Trees live it! Knowing this, planting trees is of course even more fun - which is why many of us were a bit wistful at the end of this weekend - as the tree planting season comes to an end this month. This year, thanks to the many donors and volunteers, we were able to plant a total of 3677 trees in the soil of the Hanseatic City of Hamburg!

Many, many thanks - we are already looking forward to 2022 and further, much bigger actions. We would like to inspire you and present an idea: Let's give away a tree for climate protection for Christmas - we will plant it for you or together with you next year! Transfer a contribution to the Live To Love account and we will issue a nice gift voucher. For more information, please send us a message: info@live-to-love-germany.org

Peaceful Advent!

We wish you all a peaceful and happy Advent season!


Your Live To Love Team.

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