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// 23th Oktober 2022


Finally planting trees again!
The autumn kick-off of the planting season has taken us to Hamburg-Rahlstedt, on the longest tributary of the Alster.
In the Hanseatic city, this river became known for the fish ladder that was installed two years ago.
This is intended to provide more biodiversity in the course of the river - here even young salmon cavort, which are known to be able to swim against the current!
The green corridor along the Wandse runs right through residential areas of diverse social structures and offers fantastic recreational spots under trees.

Eight fluttering elms and black poplars were waiting to finally be placed in the ground.
The approximately six-year-old "tree children" have weight: with bales, each one weighed about 70 kilograms.

When digging the holes, we sometimes came across construction debris, which first had to be removed with a pickaxe.
The sometimes sandy soil had to be enriched with soil so that the water could be held better and the roots of the tree sufficiently supplied. Finally, we laid an additional drainage channel at a planting site to protect one of the trees from waterlogging.
We thank Fielmann AG from the bottom of our hearts for the donation of the trees and the Amt für Wasserwirtschaft Wandsbek for providing this wonderful planting site!
While the adults planted trees, the children built a bridge and a raft out of logs. They devoted themselves to their task with full presence, opening impressions of an intact world. The day was indescribably beautiful and the children in their pure joy of life brought much encouragement and happiness to our hearts.
To everyone who helped with all their dedication: Your motivation and enthusiasm were great! We all shared a valuable time together.
Now the spades and working materials are washed and dried again, because already on November 20th we will celebrate our big event in the forest.
We will plant thousands of light feathers in the Klövensteen again - and we are looking forward to welcoming you.
Your Live To Love Team

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