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// August 20, 2023

Simply wonderful! Live to Love at the sanctuary SolLuna and the animals living there

Live To Love action at the  Gnadenschutzhof Sol Luna e.V. - in Rietberg-Mastholte
Some time ago the director Imgard Gubitz took in seven dogs from Romania.
Three of them were used as guard dogs. As soon as the shepherds move on with their flocks of sheep after a season, the guard dogs are simply left to their fate and eventually picked up by killing squads
Irmgard received one day from a friend the photo of the herding dog "Angelo", which the organization "Hunde direkt e.V." had put on the Internet. This organization rescues the tortured dogs from the killing stations and mediates them to people who have enough skills and compassion to heal the abused souls and bodies of these animals again.
Irmgard is undoubtedly one of these remarkable people! The dogs she gave a new home to were hardly adoptable - because they were afraid of all people, felt threatened by every person who approached them and immediately bit. Irmgard was not afraid at any time! Her motto is: "I have to trust the animals so that they trust me - and I trust that they feel that they have it good at SolLuna - so far this has always worked." In the meantime, the guard dogs have been socialized again to such an extent that they trust Irmgard and can already go for walks outside with her.

Leana shows what is important. Irmgard shows what is possible.

In addition to our donations of work and food, there was a big highlight. Namely when 8-year-old student Leana, joyfully - on behalf of the Peter Pan student body, handed over a donation check for €1320.85 to Irmgard. The school initiates fundraising runs once a year for a good cause. This year they transferred this sum to Live To Love Germany for SolLuna. Little Leana, who had run eagerly herself, summed up that afternoon: "We are a great team and as a team we accomplish a lot - and it's totally nice to do something for animals."

Hopefully more awareness can be raised to reduce animal suffering and give them all a better future.

With very warm regards
Your Live To Love Team

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