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// April 24, 2022

1,550 oak trees for the Klövensteen in Hamburg

"Every moment of life is fresh - every moment, every second! “

The Gyalwang Drukpa, Founder of the secular and humanitarian organization Live To Love, 2010 in Hamburg

That was definitely the case today. Everything was fresh. The bright blue sky, the cool east wind and the new contacts on this day - were so bright, so refreshing and invigorating.

All participants arrived at the meeting point in the Klövensteen forest highly motivated and in great anticipation. Some of them - including the GoNature team - had actually traveled several hundred kilometers to be there. They came from Berlin and Leipzig, while others had come from North Rhine-Westphalia. We are full of appreciation for this impressive effort! During the general welcome, the richness of diverse cultures was a theme. Planting trees as an expression of respect and love, as well as the energetic effects (growth, oxygen, habitats, etc.) for health and a long life, as it is fortunately still the custom in Asian countries. In the West, unfortunately, it is getting more and more into the background to plant a little tree for newborns, while until some time ago it was customary to place the mother's afterbirth in the womb of the earth and to plant a tree over it - to give the child strong roots and to wish the "rising to heaven".

During the action many inspiring conversations arose - and an exchange in the literal sense! The GoNature team shared their great networking work and commitment to the life and survival of trees - we are really happy about this cooperation. GoNature from Berlin made Live To Love more known in social networks in further contexts and called for participation. Many, many thanks! We will do the same!

Das Waldstück, welches uns die Försterei für heute bereitgestellt hatte:

A game protection zone behind a living hedge, which was built from trees and broken branches that fell down during the storms in February. Many birds are already nesting here and several forest animals have found refuge. Sustainability is the key! This green zone was surrounded by a 1.60 meter high fence, which, among other things, will prevent the wild boars from crawling under it and make it impossible for the deer to jump over it due to the height. Therefore, the action for us humans started with a climbing exercise: the forester's office had built a wooden ladder so that we could get over the fence. The soil in this area proved to be very loose compared to the previous action, so we were able to plant 1550 oak heisters with our combined forces and within a short time. In the next time we will add the planned fruit trees such as cherries, wild serviceberries and wild mushrooms. The small heisters were still too tender until today and their root balls still need some care and time to grow stronger. While wild bees and birds especially enjoy the cherries in early summer - the fruits of wild serviceberries and wild service trees will also give valuable food in the winter time. Beauty must be preserved! As soon as the heisters and young trees have grown large enough, the fence will be removed and wildlife can then also feel at home here. Also on board: the innovative and super friendly family business @KaffairHamburg. They are building up a coffee plantation in Colombia according to biological-ecological criteria. In addition, they are also planting many tree species there to strengthen their nature reserve. While they live in Colombia in winter, they also distribute their precious goods in Germany in summer.

They were truly very happy hours that we spent in Klövensteen - carried by happiness, lightness, strength and joie de vivre.

Many thanks to all who have helped so committed - and for the really strong motivation to give something back to the earth. So also today was "Earth Day" - which with this posting turns into the day of the tree!

Live To Love - Team

Photos: © Agnes Forsthuber

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