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// February 20,  2022

Crisis help with soul mates

Today's Live To Love action took us to the Pferdeschutzhof Seelengefährten e. V. in Königsmoor.

The last few days have been marked by strong storms and hurricanes and on the way to Königsmoor the partly massive damage caused by fallen trees, broken branches and flooding of the fields have once again made us aware of the consequences of climate change.

Also on the premises of the Gnadenhof many trees were uprooted - so that Line and her team had asked us to help with the removal of the acute damage.
So without further ado, we equipped ourselves with chainsaws and several loppers to comply with the request.
Also in our luggage: the super generous food and material donations from Michael Ohlsen from the pet partner Zoomarkt Alsterdorf, who has been giving us fabulous support for many years - even in these low-turnover times, for which we are infinitely grateful every time.

What a warm and beautiful welcome! During a tour of the farm we got to know all the horses, donkeys, dogs, goats, sheep and pigs, chickens, rabbits and geese. Each animal has its own story. Line meets each one with an open heart and literally connects with their souls. "Every animal is allowed to be the way it is - and it is accepted the way it is - that's what I try to show everyone. Each animal deals with its story individually and they all have their place here." The "Soulmates" compound is indeed a place of peace and healing. Line and team exemplify in all simplicity that we humans should respect animals as subjects of protection and, moreover, meet them as relational partners:inside. They know how to give animals a voice. The animals that live here have the great fortune to be able to spend at least this part of their lives in love and dignity.

After getting to know each other and Nico's friendly explanations of what all needed to be done, we enthusiastically got started: Some team members collected the horse droppings from the pasture, others bundled straw - most of us devoted ourselves to cutting wood. Using the chainsaw, the fallen oak was chopped up piece by piece, making it safe for the stables. The trunks were cut into firewood, and the long branches and brushwood were piled up to form a "living hedge". Here birds, insects, hedgehogs and many other animals will find a new home in the future. The "soul mates" try to create something sustainable and meaningful out of everything.

The hours flew by, we didn't notice the cold and the rain until we were done, because the mission gave us all great joy. We met wonderful people, learned very touching life stories of animals, shared loving encounters with them and returned home richly filled with moving experiences. Dear "soul mates", you live the name of your sponsoring association! We send you our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude for having met you and all the animals. We look forward to seeing you again and reaffirm our promise to replace the loss of the trees on your property with new plantings.

From the heart all the love and best

Hopefully the storms and the rain will stop soon. We wish the horses and sheep dry hooves and that all can soon gallop again exuberantly over the beautiful pasture!

Your Live To Love Team.

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