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// June 20, 2022

Today is World Refugee Day

"The more helpless a living being is, the greater the right to human protection - from
human cruelty"
Mahatma Gandhi
Right now, well over 100 million people worldwide are on the run. According to the United Nations, about 40 million of them are under the age of 18. As a result of the Ukraine war alone, 14 million people have fled.
Pregnant women and young mothers with their children who have sought refuge far from their families need special protection.
We dedicated our time and love to them here in Hamburg today, as part of our Live To Love Care initiative.
The meeting place was the Sofitel in the middle of Hamburg's city center. The former luxury hotel was honorably transformed into a refugee shelter by a Hamburg caterer in March.
In the meantime, no less than 800 people have been given a safe place here.


To our great joy, Tatjana - the interpreter from ASB, and Lena, a wonderful midwife - have been present as true bridge builders. We are all in warm contact on many levels and regularly exchange our acquired experiences. This is extremely helpful for all current assistance. For pregnant women alone, who need medical treatment and cannot speak English, the situation is massively challenging: Ukrainian interpreters are needed for the consultations, because the doctors are not able to guarantee a serious diagnosis via telephone.
In addition, there are hardly any Ukrainian-speaking midwives. Lena, who has been caring for a mother from Nigeria who fled Ukraine for many weeks, made contact during the campaign and was fortunately able to establish a connection with her Russian-speaking sister-in-law.
Today we are really happy to have brought joy to so many children, mothers and grandmothers with our First Aid Care bags, baby sleeping bags, stuffed animals, diapers, body oils and other hygiene items.
It resonates like a beautiful melody in our hearts.
Live to love!
Sincerely, Your Live To Love Team

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