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// December 9, 2023

Children are guests who ask for directions.

Joyful pre-Christmas celebration for people seeking protection from Ukraine.

Today we wanted to bring something particularly beautiful to the mothers, fathers and children. And we succeeded.
We have organized a pre-Christmas party. In addition to distributing the usual necessities, such as diapers, winter clothing and food, we celebrated an intercultural dialog with Ukraine and Germany. Christmas carols from Germany and Ukraine were played and we danced in a circle afterwards. At the craft tables, stars were made from white bread bags with great enthusiasm.
The surprise was great when Santa Claus and Nikoletta entered the room, shining and beaming, and handed out presents.

Most of the people we have met from Ukraine so far are deeply rooted in the Christian faith.
Christmas has long been celebrated in almost all parts of the world as the festival of love.
This has led us to think of a very inspiring biblical text that makes almost everyone reflect, not only in the religious lessons of schools in this country and in churches. Many religious leaders and teachers of wisdom who have made a name for themselves through their explicitly peaceful interfaith attitude have emphasized the 'Song of Songs' of Love. So did Mahatma Gandhi, who often spoke of it with great respect.
The text describes a universal truth that is not bound to any religion and can touch our hearts, whether religious or non-religious.

The Song of Songs of Love

The Song of Songs of Love is indescribably beautiful poetry, very profound and gets to the heart of the value of love.
It emphasizes the importance of unconditional love. It describes that without love, even impressive abilities are meaningless and emphasizes the importance of patience, kindness and selflessness in interpersonal relationships.

Many thanks to all the sponsors for the incredibly valuable donations in kind and especially to the Pelster bakery in Hörstel-Bevergern, who baked us Stutenkerle again!
We are on our way... and will return home fulfilled and happy.

Your Live To Love Team

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