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// June 30, 2022

Acute refugee aid

"It's not what we do or how much we do - it's how much love we put into what we do."
- Mother Teresa
We have dedicated our Care Action today to heavily pregnant women and young mothers from Ukraine.
For them, the situation is extremely challenging: Many live without relatives in Hamburg - have to cope with the jungle of regulations of the local authorities - worry whether everything will go well until the birth and very much in search of everything that is needed for the care and supply of an infant. Most of them still do not have a midwife who can accompany them during the birth. They alternatively try to find out on the Internet what all to consider.
About ten pregnant women and young mothers with their children came to the Care Aktion in a Hamburg backyard - for the heavily pregnant women, every step is really arduous in the current midsummer temperatures.
Fortunately, Nina - from the citizens' initiative "Nordherz" was present. She had informed the women in one of the countless chats and told them about the announced Live To Love action.
Baby food, bibs and diapers are still in great demand: an infant needs at least 8 diapers a day - that's more than 220 per month and not affordable for the mothers. Also very popular is the handmade baby clothes. We also had this time the Live To Love Care bags filled with additional gifts - which should make everyday life easier and dissolve the worries of the young mothers. For example, the "little souls" are a warming pad for baby bellies when they suffer from colic.
In simple and very graceful moments and with their warm-hearted laughter, the women and children expressed their gratitude. This says more than words, in whatever language.
That afternoon, some made contact with each other and exchanged their addresses to support each other.


These encounters have a deep impact and from the center of our hearts we wish the expectant mothers, the mothers and their children, all the best!

Your Live To Love Team

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