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// January 21, 2024

It must come from the heart to have an effect on the heart

"Our actions should really be based on compassion. And when this comes to the realization of actions, that is love... the more understanding you become, the more loving meaning will emerge and reveal itself."
- The Gyalwang Drukpa
Snow, rain, icy conditions and freezing temperatures have made life very difficult for people living on the streets since the turn of the year.
Some people seeking shelter told us today that there are not enough places in the winter emergency program. The shelters are overcrowded and some could no longer be accommodated at night.
Some people in Hamburg-Altona are currently leaving their front doors open to allow people to at least spend the night in the stairwells - where they are often provided with thermos flasks of tea and a few sandwiches.


It is really important to develop compassion for the homeless rather than overburdening them with prejudice. Each individual's fate was influenced by numerous factors and lack of support or unfavorable circumstances had a further negative impact on the course of their lives.
Instead of reacting to the homeless with defensiveness and condemnation, we should promote understanding and empathy to create a compassionate society that offers each individual opportunities to improve their circumstances at least a little.
Compassion is the result of understanding how differently burdened or unburdened individual lives can begin.
A lack of compassion often makes our hearts insensitive and cold.
Even a small amount of understanding can melt the ice of numbness.
We have met many homeless people today who are suffering indescribably and are sometimes severely traumatized.
And we are very happy to have made at least a small warming contribution. As always, we learned a lot and returned home in a thought-provoking way.

Your Live To Love Team

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