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// September 1, 2022

Children are guests who ask for directions

Maria Montessori

The situation for pregnant women and young mothers from Ukraine seeking protection, who have now been in Hamburg for a long time, faces new challenges.
On the one hand, it is difficult to find their own apartments - on the other hand, the public shelters are overcrowded.
The Senate has these days again called on the citizens of the Hanseatic city to provide private rooms. This is because up to 100 people seeking protection continue to arrive in Hamburg every day.

In addition, there is apparently a gap in the provision of health insurance for pregnant women, young mothers and children. Only in the first period the Ukrainians receive treatment vouchers via the social welfare office. Once the period expires, they do not receive any more. Medical (preventive) examinations are then no longer insured.

During today's care action we learned from Nina, the volunteer and indescribably committed employee of the initiative Nordherz, that she is currently caring for more than 900 Ukrainian women who are all in this extremely precarious situation.

For example, many of them had to pay for a gynecological examination, which costs 200 euros, themselves. A job - with which they would have health insurance - they can not fulfill before and after the birth, moreover, it requires proof of their own housing.
We learned that some women who were looking forward to the Live To Love visit today unfortunately could not come to the meeting point because they did not have money for the bus ticket.
Everyone who was there greeted our team with great joy and enthusiasm. They received the care bags, diapers and clothes with deep gratitude - this time even two fathers came along.
Currently, baby carriers are urgently needed, because many want to learn German as soon as possible and want to take their babies to class with them. If you can help, we would be happy to hear from you: info@live-to-love-germany.org

Soon we want to continue our initiative "Help Ukraine"!

It is extremely moving to experience with what strength and confidence the people from Ukraine try to master their lives here in Germany.
Live To Love would like to continue to provide meaningful support to the women and children.
For this we are dependent on donations of money and goods. Besides baby food, hygiene products and especially diapers are urgently needed.
You can donate directly here: https://bit.ly/3B1macX
Every contribution counts!
Best wishes
Your Live To Love Team

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