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// March 26, 2022

Meeting with refugees - with love and respect

What strong and brave women!!! What a lifetime achievement of mothers who hold back their own personal, terrible experiences and do everything to give their beloved children support and stability!

The starting point of today's CARE initiative was the main train station in Hamburg - the first port of call for the refugees from Ukraine who arrived by train from Poland.
Tired and exhausted, they receive here, among other things, the first information from really great volunteers of the Arbeiter-Samariter-Bund.
Larissa belongs to this welcoming team, she is Russian - lives in Germany for 23 years and speaks Ukrainian - she spends every free hour besides her full-time job at the station to organize and translate. At night she can't sleep, she is so torn. Like many other Russians, she cannot understand what has happened. She helps wherever possible with all the strength of her heart.
A German teacher from Kharkiv, who fled with her mother, wants to find a good job in Hamburg as soon as possible. She wants to earn her own money so that - as soon as everything is over - she can return to her home country.

A group of young people from Odessa has been on the road for six days - now they are taking a short break in Hamburg to continue on to Paris because they can stay with friends there.
They all received our First Aid CARE bag. A human gesture, sincerely carried by compassion and the need to help at least a little.
Many, many, many thanks to all donors:inside - it is only through your support that our Care bags can be filled with meaningful goods.
In this way you are definitely part of it and your donations fulfill in many ways the meaning of our human existence on earth.

Our respect and very best wishes

... to all Ukrainians and their children we have met so far.

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