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// April 22, 2023

"Earth Day": Planting trees in Hamburg´s Klövensteen

Think globally and act locally - the basic idea of UN Mother Earth Day.
Today, Earth Day awareness was raised in over 175 countries.
The natural dependencies of all living beings on the earth are increasingly coming to the fore. We take extremely much more than we give!

That is why there was a motivation to join forces in a variety of actions: "Invest in Our Planet".
Today we continued our tree planting in the Hamburg recreational forest Klövensteen. Many volunteers came and contributed with positive energy and great enthusiasm to the creation of a powerful mixed forest.

"Earth Day means to me - that we are here with each other in this forest today, looking at what we can do to help preserve nature ."
"It's urgent that we do something and give something back to the planet. You can't help it in view of the news - that's why I'm planting trees today on 'Earth Day'. Once you're there yourself, you get another perspective - otherwise, when you come home from the office, you're just busy with your own thoughts anyway."
"I'm going to be a mom myself soon, and that makes you think about what you can do for the next generation. That's why I'm here today. Last year I was in Peru, and I saw how glaciers were breaking off every second - in a country where people live who are actually very close to nature. What we are taking here is having an impact on other areas of the earth and the people living there, who have actually caused the least of these climate changes and are suffering as a result. That made me very thoughtful."


"I'm doing something for the Earth and it's good for me, too. We're part of nature - so you connect with every tree you plant and with nature - and your awareness of how precious nature is grows."
"I'm scared by the thought of the future, but I'm trying to make the best possible of the situation - that's why I'm planting today. It's no use putting my head under a rock - I try to take advantage of every moment if possible, to do something - under the motto Live To Love." https://youtu.be/afqad-lk024
Thank you all so much for helping so diligently to make this "Earth Day" a truly happy day. The time with you all was very invigorating, so friendly and wonderfully uncomplicated - simply beautiful!
Yours Live To Love Team

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