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// March 20, 2022

Planting trees on the day of happiness

Experience happiness and invest in happiness in Hamburg Klövensteen!

Yesterday - on the World Day of Happiness - we started the new tree planting season.
As soon as the sun rose, we were blessed with a wide blue sky and a bright sun.
80 volunteers arrived at the meeting point in high spirits. Adults, teenagers, children, dogs. All of them highly motivated and dedicated to the same goal: To make a personal contribution to climate protection. It is always a great luck to come together with so many wonderful people to anchor something good together. A lot of enthusiasm - a great energy. To our great joy, even Mr. Hendrik Schröter, the CEO of Toyota Dello GmbH, arrived together with his wife and his team to actively participate in the planting.

Toyota Dello GmbH supports the tree planting campaigns from now on: For every hybrid car sold, the dealership donates a tree.

Also present for the first time was the team around Mariann from the consulting firm Boston Consulting, who actively supported the planting!
In view of the strong storms that had hit northern Germany in February, the forester's office was only able to provide us with three smaller areas. On our way to the largely cleared forest areas, the extent of the damage to this beautiful Hamburg recreational forest became clear to us. According to the forester's office, thousands of trees were unfortunately uprooted or damaged - more than ever before. The cleanup will probably take months.
So with all our bodies we had to work our way through branches and twigs. We found a very dense forest floor that required vigorous spading. We also planted larger heisters whose root systems required deeper holes.
Thanks to the experience we had gained, we knew what to pay attention to when planting so that the young saplings would grow well.
One hand helped the other and it was really moving to see how little by little many young and tender trees announced new life on these areas.

1,230 planted Oat trees

At the end of this really very happy day we counted 1,230 newly planted oak heisters. Over coffee and cake, there was a lot of positive feedback from some of the volunteer guests.
Sebastian: "After all, I'm an office jockey, so my work output only comes out of the printer. Planting trees is something completely different. You work physically and see exactly what you've accomplished, and the result is even more sustainable."
Therese: "When you dig in the earth, you immediately reconnect with yourself. You don't have to do anything mentally...because it happens by itself."
Antje: "I liked the for each other - togetherness so much, one person digs, the other gets the trees - and each:r combines their own forces for a common goal: to plant a tree."
Dorothee: "It's so nice to experience how much community carries."
Mika: "You do something for nature - and that's totally nice, because it also does so much for us."

Many, many thanks to all who participated - it was extremely enjoyable to meet you and share this fulfilling day. New trees, new life - the next tree planting event is already planned for April!


Live To Love Team

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