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// May 22, 2022

SolLuna: A new pony fence and food donations

Live To Love action at the animal sanctuary Gnadenschutzhof Sol Luna e.V. in Rietberg-Mastholte, Westphalia!

Wow - so much has changed since our visit last year:
The old farmhouse is painted in fresh green - and inside there are new sanitary rooms with a bathing facility for dogs. The barn has been re-roofed with old original tiles and is now a safe and dry place for all animal inhabitants.
Irmgard Gubitz's team enthusiastically helped unpack the generous food donations from Michael Ohlsen, owner of the "Heimtierpartner Zoomarkt Alsterdorf" in Hamburg. And even the Kiebitzmarkt in Neuenkirchen had wonderfully provided food donations.
Many thanks for these generous gifts!
Fortunately SolLuna was spared from the hurricane, which caused a lot of damage in Paderborn. Only branches and leaves landed on the roof and were washed into the gutters by the heavy rain.
Two members of our team, who are free from dizziness and fear of heights, removed the branches and leaves with the help of a ladder, buckets, shovels and a lot of manual work and ensured that everything can now flow freely again.
But the main task today was to pull the fence for the pony meadow.
What sounds like a simple job turned out to be extremely time and energy consuming. In the soil we found lots of building rubble and concrete remains. Pickaxes, hammers and chisels were needed to make it possible to hammer in the fence sleeves. After this sweaty part was done, the rest of the work was easy for the team and soon the new wooden fence was finished.
The hay and straw in the paddocks was no longer usable due to the rains of the last days and was removed together with the horse droppings. The horses really enjoyed being groomed and petted. And the pigs joined this wellness treatment right away.

Trudi finally in loving hands!

During the coffee break we met Trudi, a bright but very timid dachshund lady whose fate was deeply moving.
She eked out a dismayingly long life in a transport box in a basement - until the family finally handed the poor creature over to SolLuna. The owner was ill and unable to give this lovely creature a beautiful childhood.
Tanja, SolLuna's employee, noticed that Trudi seemed very disinterested besides an injury on her ear. The subsequent health check at the doctor's revealed that the dachshund could no longer smell as a result of inflamed dental fistulas that reached into her nose. After treatment, Tanja took Trudi in and now she conquers the paddocks with her canine buddy Madsen.
Many of the animals at the sanctuary have similarly moving stories and all of them have a happy ending because Irmgard and her team lovingly turn to each animal on the farm and give them time and space to arrive, gain trust and overcome their traumatic experiences.
It is simply great how you care for the animals with immense love and compassion and give them a voice. As always, it was a precious time to be with you!
And thank you for the beautiful photos, dear Cedric!
From the bottom of our hearts all the best and see you next time!

Your Live To Love Team

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