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// June 19, 2022

Tree Planting Makes You Happy!

"A tree is an inexhaustible source of wonderful knowledge".
                                        - Sir Yehudi Menuhin
We can only confirm this.
Our tree planting campaign today took us to the forest along the Alster in the Hamburg district of Lemsahl-Mellingstedt.
There we planted two over 3.70 m tall and very beautifully grown Ginkgo Biloba trees and a well over 4 m tall European white elm in the ground - both are among the few trees that can also be planted in summer.
Before planting, the roots of the trees were exposed so that they can develop their full vitality in the soil.
In order for the trees to develop in the best possible way, we added a biological fertilizer to the soil that contains fungal webs - mycorrhiza. These enter into a symbiotic relationship with the tree roots and provide them with optimal nutrients. In addition, small palisades were built so that water can be better held by the trees on the sloping hillside.
By the way, an ancient Ginkgo tree has reached a height of 31.80 m in Japan and about 27 m in Germany. Ginkgo Biloba are considered to be the oldest trees on this planet and are thus companions of human history. Their vitality and resistance is unique. They have even survived the Ice Age and Hiroshima and have remarkable powers against almost all forms of challenges.
Anyone who has ever seen their fan-like leaves will recognize these trees anytime. "How striking the leaf divided into two in one" - said the German poet Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, who, inspired by the ginkgo, used a poem as a metaphor to describe the polarities in this world.

The power of trees

In medicine, ginkgo occupies a firm place and is used to produce medicinal extracts. These improve the flow properties of the blood, promote memory, are used for concentration difficulties, dizziness and ringing in the ears (tinnitus). Mainly dried or fresh leaves are used to prepare the medicines. In traditional Chinese medicine, the seeds of the ginkgo fruit are used, for example, to remedy digestive disorders, respiratory problems and high blood pressure.
Elm also has strong healing powers: the inner bark of young trees have astringent and diuretic (water laxative) effects. It purifies the blood, protects the mucous membranes, promotes wound healing and scarring, has a diaphoretic effect and helps against diarrhea caused by bacteria. It is also considered an excellent medicine for mental and physical exhaustion.
The weather: wonderful - the mood of small and big and the dog pack carried by lightness & joy. In fact, today is the birthday of our Live To Love coordinator and designer. She had wished for a tree as a present, which we of course also gladly gave her from the bottom of our hearts and happily rounded off today's event with a colorful and loving birthday celebration and singing.
Warm greetings

Your Live To Love Team

Fotos: © Agnes Forsthuber

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