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// September 10, 2022

Trees are Life

Two family trees and one generation tree now stand in Othmarschen

Learning to see the world again through the eyes of children, to experience their joy and eagerness - is moving and indescribably fulfilling.
They show us how natural their relationship is with the wonders of this earth and of life.
Today, the children at the Holmbrook playground in Hamburg-Othmarschen showed us how they fill every moment with joy, curiosity and bright imagination - so today's tree planting event also became a very lively experience for all ages.
It was a real joy to see how the children opened the transport cords in the rustling star-shaped leaves of the amber tree and enthusiastically shoveled away the soft sand with the children's spades. They marveled at the different layers of soil; happily hopped into the holes in the earth until their heads sank into them. In a

They have learned that there are father and mother roots and the fine, delicate hairy roots, like the smallest in a family. And finally, Jacob showed us that a coiled jute belt - can be a perfect telescope!

So, as of today, an amber tree and two field maples adorn the Holmbrook playground - a place of meetings for young and old, where life finds its manifold expression in play and relaxation.
An amber tree can grow up to 45 meters high, its crown looks like a flame - hence the name "Amber". In autumn, its bright yellow-orange-red and purple leaves are a feast for the eyes. The resin, extracted from the bark of the tree, is used in medicine and bears the name "Storax" or "Styrax". It is an expectorant and anti-inflammatory balsam. It also has antibiotic, antiseptic and analgesic properties. Styrax is also a sought-after incense. On the mental-spiritual level, the scent has a mood-lifting effect and strengthens self-confidence, among other things. It calms the nerves, is sleep-inducing and relaxes the vegetative system.

Today, the amber tree was dedicated to all seniors as a "generation tree" in honor of their life experience.

With the planting of the field maples, two members from the Live To Love team wanted to strengthen the roots of their families. Mechthild had it planted especially for her grandson, with best wishes for a healthy future. Daniel: "The family tree is meant to strengthen the roots of the family and be for the greatest benefit of all."

Field maples are very adaptable and undemanding, they can grow up to 25 meters high and live up to 500 years. They are seen as trees of harmony, peace and serenity.
Maple groves were revered as great healers:in ancient times. Dry and cooling qualities are attributed to them, which is why poultices with barks and leaves are good for fevers and inflammations.
With warm regards,
Your Live To Love Team

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