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LOVE is Responsibility

Planting trees for our future

Less carbon dioxide - more oxygen: We want to contribute to climate protection and cleaner air by planting trees. We are planting trees such as oaks, elms, poplars and sycamores that can withstand the drought and heat caused by climate change. They also provide habitats for a variety of insects and animals. The goal is to replace monocultures with mixed forests. The goal is to conduct reforestation activities totaling 100,000 trees over the next 3-5 years. Our actual vision includes planting 1,000,000 trees.

We would like to thank the sponsors Fielmann AG and the Toyota Dello GmbH car dealership, which donates one heister for each hybrid model sold. We are very happy!!

LOVE is protecting life

Blumenwiesen für Insekten

Protecting insect habitats and creating flower meadows are vital. As part of the project "We're making our district bloom," we are transforming fallow green spaces along roadsides in Hamburg-Winterhude into nutrient-rich biotopes for insects, birds and other animals. Our teams maintain and water the meadows regularly.
The flower meadows have also become social meeting places in the neighborhood, where people can easily socialize. Some seniors participate in the maintenance and find new friendships while working for the survival of the insects.

LOVE is action

Collect plastic waste, avoid plastic

Plastic significantly harms people, animals and the environment. We conduct campaigns for the avoidance of plastic. Teams clear green spaces and bodies of water of litter. Education plays a major role here for children: once a year, the Live To Love Pirates mutiny on the Elbe and free the beach from cigarette butts and plastic waste. In the process, they learn about the plastic cycle in an interactive quiz and throw a message in a bottle into the water with a request to avoid plastic. We also develop and share creative ideas for plastic alternatives.



Our aid project for people who have fled Ukraine focuses primarily on the needs of mothers with babies and small children. In addition to hygiene articles for daily use, biodegradable diapers and baby food are of particular importance. For this purpose, we put together CARE packages that are precisely tailored to these needs and distribute them directly to the women at the registration points and refugee shelters in Hamburg. For this purpose, we mainly collect monetary donations. However, we are also happy to receive donations in kind by arrangement.

Live To Love-CARE

Right at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, the Live To Love Germany Foundation launched 'Live To Love-CARE', a project to counteract social isolation and strengthen social cohesion. Originally, the main aim was not to forget elderly and sick people in pandemic-related isolation and initially to bring them loving attention with small care bags and find out how we can help further. In the meantime, we have reached a wide range of people - seniors and senior citizens, children, mother and child facilities, as well as a women's shelter and a large number of homeless people. In providing the content, there are a lot of people involved who make something by hand, grow it organically, and support it with monetary donations.


Love is caring

Support mercy farms

We have a heart for animals - especially for those who have been cast out because of age or disability. We regularly visit the Gnadenhof „SolLuna“ sanctuary in North Rhine-Westphalia and, since this year, "Die Seelengefährten" in Lower Saxony. We help on the farm, muck out stables, build protective fences for horses and sheep and do other related work. Each of our missions is supported by a substantial donation of food from Mr. Ohlsen of the pet partner Zoo-Markt Alsterdorf, to whom we would like to express our sincere thanks!

Photos: © Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

Live To Love Germany is part of this international network of humanitarian and charitable activities. The organization of local and the support of international aid projects through active work, donations or contributions in kind is our central task.

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