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Foundation and Sponsoring Association

Live To Love Germany is based in Hamburg and has been dedicated to various international as well as regional projects since 2007. By hosting visits of the Gyalwang Drukpa in Germany and Europe, many important impulses were set.
All the work of Live To Love Germany takes place on a voluntary basis.

Gianna Wabner

President of the Foundation

She has built up the Live To Love Foundation and decisively shaped the projects of Live To Love-Germany in close cooperation with the international Live To Love network.

Agnes Forsthuber

2nd Chairwoman of the Foundation

She is responsible for coordinating all of Live To Love Germany's activities and events. In addition, she is the artistic director and is responsible for design and appearance. As a photographer, she donates 30 percent of the proceeds from the sale of her art photographs to the foundation's work.


The work of Live To Love Germany takes place on a voluntary basis.

The Sponsoring Association

You can support the regular campaigns of Live To Love Germany through the Förderverein Live To Love e.V.. Active since 2007, the support association implements the concerns of the foundation through regular membership fees, donation campaigns and, above all, the active involvement of members. Here you can support our monthly Grassroot campaigns with a donation. Or you can become a sustaining member and support us regularly - this ensures long-term planning of further projects for the benefit of the environment and nature, for more humanity in togetherness and for the animals.

Sponsoring Member Application / Flyer

Bank Connection

Account owner: Förderverein Live To Love e.V.
DE56 3702 0500 0009 4832 02

Together we can move a lot!

We are also happy about everyone who wants to become part of the Live To Love family and support us regularly. Whether monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually - every regular contribution enables us to launch further projects for the environment, nature, for more humanity in togetherness, for the animals. You can support our monthly actions by making a donation.

The Foundation

In the foundation, you can contribute lasting values - with an endowment, an endowment loan or even your inheritance. Founded in 2014, the fundamental goals of Live To Love are firmly anchored in the Live To Love Germany Foundation. The vision is to build an academy, in addition to continuing current projects, to create a place where medical, philosophical and scientific dialogues, art exhibitions and other events contribute to the inspiration and education of many people. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: office@live-to-love-germany.org


With your endowment, you support these goals and actively contribute to strengthening the basic idea of Live To Love and promoting its practical implementation. Your contribution increases the foundation's capital and you thus ensure the implementation of the foundation's concerns in the long term.


With a donor loan, you provide the foundation with a certain amount of money interest-free over a period of 5 to 10 years. During this period, the Live To Love Germany Foundation can use the money you have provided to further the foundation's objectives. At the end of the agreed period, the loaned sum will be repaid to you. The repayment is secured by our bank, which provides the guarantee.

The benefit for you is multiple:

  • Your money is literally invested in a meaningful way!
  • You help the foundation to activate the foundation's interests through the return that the foundation earns with the money during this time.
  • There is no risk whatsoever, as the loan amount is secured by the foundation's house bank.
  • No taxes have to be paid by you for the accruing interest.

Bank Connection

Account owner: Live To Love Germany Stiftung
IBAN DE41 3702 0500 0001 3895 01

Photos: © Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany


Daniel Mingo

Member of the Board and responsible for public relations. The office of the Board of Management is occupied by him.

A.T. Kreml

is responsible for logistics and is treasurer of the association.

G. Steinmann

maintains contact with the press and takes care of the web presence.

Sabine Schlesmann

organizes the tree planting campaigns and takes care of the maintenance of the planted trees.

Stefanie Höpfner

manages the CARE project in Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia.

Anke Bahr

is also jointly responsible for the CARE project.

Eva Niehues

is team lead for the Flower Meadows project.

Anke Vollmer

is responsible for the homeless campaign and organizes projects to avoid plastic.

Anja Wittenbernds

organizes the action on the mercy farms "SolLuna" and "Soulmates".

Love Is Responsibility

Plant trees. Design a garden. Reduce your waste, recycle. Use water and electricity sparingly. Support the development of sustainable projects. Free nature from plastic waste.

Live To Love Germany is part of this international network of humanitarian and charitable activities. The organization of local and the support of international aid projects through active work, donations or contributions in kind is our central task.

Live To Love Germany
Eppendorfer Weg 93A
20259 Hamburg / GERMANY

Phone: +49 (0)40 / 555 770 59
Fax: +49 (0)40 / 254 957 53
E-Mail: info@live-to-love-germany.org

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