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H.E. Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche, H.E. Drukpa Khamtak Rinpoche and entourage in Hamburg in February 2024

Honorable visits from the Roof of the World - H.E. Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche, H.E. Drukpa Khamtak Rinpoche and entourage in Hamburg in February 2024. Versatile intercultural meetings took place in the name of Live To Love!

Björn Lohmeier filmed the various stations here, Holger Lass professionally edited the material and the result is this wonderful documentary. Thank you very much!

With Viva con Agua through the new Villa Viva

The first event on the day of arrival was the meeting with Benny Adrion and Micha Fritz from Viva Con Agua at the newly opened Villa Viva. Benny had taken the time for a comprehensive tour of the house, which has been built to be sustainable in every respect. Every overnight stay there - whether in the camping box or in one of the individually designed suites - contributes to the construction of wells, which are implemented in Viva con Agua's numerous projects worldwide.

The importance of water is not only expressed in the slogan "Water is a Human Right", which has already found numerous advocates, but also in a wonderfully creative and consciously positive way of sensitizing people to the issue through art, music and movement. Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their stay at this remarkable hotel. Many thanks to Benny, Micha and all the super friendly staff at Villa Viva, which is definitely a "hostel where life is embraced"!

Visit to the Süderstraße animal shelter - intellectual exchange on the subject of animal welfare

Dr. Urte Inkmann, veterinary director of the Hamburg Animal Welfare Association, gave a very successful presentation about the home in Süderstraße and then gave a tour of the site, which is currently home to around 700 animals - including former pigs, dogs, cats and hundreds of small animals. It was a very inspiring exchange - for all sides. Drukpa Thuksey reported on his animal welfare project "Live To Rescue" in Ladakh and, at Dr. Inkmann's request, gave a cat the name "Gawa" - which means "happiness". He wished the team in Süderstraße continued success for the protection and love they give to all the animals they take in. Drukpa Thuksey summarized: "We all wish for peace - of course also for the animals of this earth. Animal welfare is indeed an essential contribution to world peace!"

Visit to the Millerntor Stadium and FC St. Pauli's soccer for the blind

The trip then led to the FC St. Pauli soccer stadium. FC St. Pauli is one of the most progressive clubs in the world in terms of its social and political views. A banner with the inscription "Respect, tolerance, diversity" hangs in the stadium. St. Pauli's fans are known for their progressive views and the club campaigns for LGBTQ+ rights, migrants and other progressive causes. This has resulted in a unique and vibrant fan culture at the club and the club is a symbol of progressive values and social justice.
After a very interesting tour of "this world", we met with the wonderful blind football coach Wolf Schmidt - who has been training blind youngsters in this challenging sport with great success for many years. Jana, Calvin and Hippo shared their personal experiences in their beloved sport. The monks spontaneously and enthusiastically accepted the invitation from the coach and his team to play football blindfolded. Under the guidance of the professionals, they had many creative experiences, hitting the ball on sound and tone and even scoring goals.  The football match was not only an intense experience in terms of the perceptual ability to play sport without sight, but also a time full of joyful exuberance! Fulfilled and very inspired, a possible future cooperation in Ladakh, India, has begun.

A guest at the Arche in Hamburg-Harburg

The last stop on this rich day was the Arche Children's Foundation in Hamburg-Harburg. Director Angela Krull and Drukpa Thuksey Rinpoche shared their individual experiences of working with children. Drukpa Thuksey talked about the curriculum of the Druk Padma Karpo School - whose central motivation is to provide the children with a foundation to become good human beings and to give them compassion and understanding as the most essential walking sticks on their path of life. The Live To Love team once again provided various interactive games and creative resilience building activities for the children at the Ark and we all spent a happy time together at this meaningful institution. Many thanks for the warm welcome, dear Angela, and best wishes to your wonderful team!

Live To Love Germany is part of this international network of humanitarian and charitable activities. The organization of local and the support of international aid projects through active work, donations or contributions in kind is our central task.

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