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The Gyalwang Drukpa in Hamburg: "Love is action".

On the occasion of the establishment of the Live To Love Germany Foundation on September 9, 2014, the Gyalwang Drukpa visited Hamburg to celebrate the historic moment. Thereby he contributed in his lectures to a deeper understanding of the message of Live To Love. In numerous meetings he touched the hearts of many people with his lively and humorous freshness.

At the foundation ceremony, the Gyalwang Drukpa together with the president Gianna Wabner, presented the certificates to the donors. He then addressed all those who volunteer for Live To Love and thus contribute to the "gross happiness product" - both in others and oneself. This commitment to the well-being of others expands knowledge, promotes social skills and new skills can be developed. As another highlight, the Dutch band ENorm officially presented their "Live To Love" song to the Gyalwang Drukpa and the guests for the first time.

In the lecture "Love is Action", the Gyalwang Drukpa explained the message of Live To Love: From true compassion for all living beings, the impulse to act arises naturally. And through action, love expresses itself - the path to happiness.

Interreligious dialogue with bishop Dr. Jaschke

On the second day, the auxiliary bishop of Hamburg, Dr. Hans Jochen Jaschke, received the Gyalwang Drukpa for an interreligious dialogue in the diocese at the Mariendom.
Young people are increasingly turning to extremist movements, the dialogue began. The reason for this is to be seen in the desire for a great change in life, both explained. For this, they said, peace must not only be proclaimed, but also peacefully acted upon.
The Gyalwang Drukpa stressed the importance of living spirituality - not only by accumulating teachings in religion. Only through practical action can the inner vision of spirituality be developed, he said. Both summarized in a final résumé that the most important thing of all religions is love.

Visit at the Elbe-Werkstätten

From St. Mary's Cathedral, we went to the Elbe Workshops. They are one of the 20 largest companies in Hamburg. Around 3200 people with a mental or psychological disability work here. The company is characterized by numerous sustainable projects, dignified working conditions and respectful interaction with each other. The employees received Gyalwang Drukpa with great pleasure, who got to know the workplaces during a tour.

Panel discussion: "Mindfulness and happiness".

The final event and another highlight of the day was the panel discussion in the Patriotic Society, moderated by the author and filmmaker, Maria von Blumencron.

Well-known guests such as Dr. Eva Wlodarek (psychologist, author and coach on the subject of happiness), Sophie Molitoris (artist and casting prize winner on the subject of art and culture), Jacqueline Straub (theologian on the subject of women in the church), Dr. Geseko von Lüpke (journalist and author on the topic of deep ecology) and Michael Fritz (founding member of Viva Con Agua on the topic of water and environmental protection) discussed "mindfulness and happiness" - the connection between education, environmental protection and peace - in a deeply inspiring way.


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