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Love is succor

Volunteer. Help the homeless. Treat those in need with respect. Organize relief supplies. Give hope. Help rebuild a destroyed home, city, country.

Sun, 20. August 2023 from 2 p.m.

Love is care:

Visit to the "Sol Luna" Mercy Farm

Sat, 16. September 2023 from 1 p.m.

World Clean Up Day

Mutiny at the Elbe beach: The Live To Love Pirates collect plastic waste

Tue, 2. October 2023 from 1 p.m.

Information & Planting Action

We present our work and invite you to join our planting action "Vertical Gardening"

Sun, 22. October 2023 from 1 p.m.

Climate protection in action:

Planting trees around Hamburg

Sun, 19. November 2023 from 1 p.m.

Climate protection in action:

Planting trees around Hamburg

Sun, 17. December 2023 from 1 p.m.

Care action with the homeless

We bring bread, warm clothes and much more to the people living on the streets.


Tree planting makes you happy!

Our tree planting campaign today took us to the forest along the Alster in the Hamburg district of Lemsahl-Mellingstedt.
There we planted two over 3.70 m tall and very beautifully grown Ginkgo Biloba trees and a well over 4 m tall European white elm in the ground - both are among the few trees that can also be planted in summer.

Live To Love - Care for the children from Ukraine
According to UNICEF, millions of children have been impacted by the experiences of war, losing loved ones and friends.
Uprooted from their homeland, they need special care and compassion: For children, support, safety, security and community are very important pillars, in order to regain confidence in life.
A new flower meadow for insects

At the same time we planted another flower meadow for insects in Hamburg Winterhude. Even more so in Himmelstraße (Heaven street)!
Right in front of the daycare center where Eva, our team lead for flower meadows, works. The parents had immediately agreed to the idea of a flower meadow and donated all the materials needed.

SolLuna: A new pony fence and food donations
Live To Love action at the animal sanctuary Sol Luna e.V. in Rietberg-Mastholte, Westphalia! Wow - so much has changed since our visit last year: The old farmhouse is painted in fresh green - and inside there are new sanitary rooms with a bathing facility for dogs.
Day of neighbors - sharing joy multiplies happiness!

As last year, we dedicated the "Day of Neighbors" to the fellow people of the Parkheim Foundation. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our Live To Love - Care activities have intensified relations with them through regular visits.

Live To Love-Care for refugees from Ukraine

With packed cars we visited refugees today, who fortunately found a refuge in a guest house in Hamburg-Dulsberg.
Andreas Kelb has spontaneously made his apartments available. His loving commitment as owner and hostel father shows great human kindness and we are full of appreciation.

1,550 oak trees for the Klövensteen in Hamburg

"Every moment of life is fresh - in every moment, in every second! " ~ The Gyalwang Drukpa, founder of the secular and humanitarian organization Live To Love, 2010 in Hamburg

Creative hours with children at the "Arche"

A peaceful time at the Arche
Children are so closely connected to their nature, they express directly with few words what they feel - this is how the Live To Love team experienced it directly at the CARE action in the children's foundation Die Arche in Billstedt

Meeting refugees with love and respect

What strong and brave women!!! What a lifetime achievement of mothers who hold back their own personal, terrible experiences and do everything to give their beloved children support and stability!

Planting trees on the Day of Happiness

Today on the international day of the forest we would like to tell you about our Live To Love event yesterday: Experience happiness and invest happiness in Hamburg Klövensteen!

Compassion in practice - refugee aid
"Everything in life is a bridge - a word, a smile we give to the other.“ (Ivo Andric)

Thanks to the recently installed online registration procedures, the formerly long queues and waiting times for arriving people from Ukraine have fortunately been almost eliminated.

Acute refugee aid
"Help Ukraine!" the first relief action for the refugees from Ukraine.

Today, the Live To Love team distributed "first aid bags" to waiting women and their babies and children in front of the Central Initial Reception Center in Hamburg. The bags contained various hygiene items, towels, nutritional supplements and wound healing creams, as well as children's backpacks and cuddly toys.

In Hamburg-Harburg at the "Arche"

Live To Love spring event at the children's foundation Die Arche Die Arche in Hamburg-Harburg: With hula hoop dances and rope jumping, the children happily welcomed the Live To Love team, enjoying the first warm rays of sunshine.

Acute crisis help at the "Seelengefährten"

Today's Live To Love action took us to the Pferdeschutzhof Seelengefährten e. V. in Königsmoor. The last few days were marked by strong storms and hurricanes and on the way to Königsmoor the partly massive damages, caused by fallen trees, broken branches and flooding of the fields, once again made us aware of the consequences of climate change.

Colorful hours with the children in the "Arche"

Art is healing. It helps to express wishes and experiences that are often difficult to put into words. Today was finally time for bright colors and joie de vivre: The Live To Love CARE team invited the children of The Ark Foundation to a big painting event.

It must come from the heart what is to act on hearts

A person often feels transformed as soon as he is treated humanely, Eugen Roth wrote.
We can only confirm this, because we have been making this experience for many years, from both sides and in all directions.

Great surprises for Santa Claus

What do Live To Love and Santa Claus have in common? A heart for lonely or challenged people and children!
That's why Santa Claus made a flying visit to the mothers' and children's homes in Hörstel and Ibbenbüren this year as part of the Live To Love CARE initiative.

New trees, new habitats

Protect and preserve life with tree planting! This weekend, we planted trees in two different places in Hamburg. At the children's playground in Altona Volkspark, the Live To Love team planted several beech trees on Saturday.

Give love to children from all over the world!

In the past 14 years, a great many volunteers have joined our movement. Some women participate with creative & loving handicrafts. It is deeply moving to see the dedication and love with which each one enriches our bags and gift boxes and tree decorations. To all of them be our grateful appreciation!

Great response to the Cake Challenge in Westphalia

With much love, great dedication and nutritional expertise, our volunteer pastry chefs created a diverse selection of delicious baked goods. In addition to traditional cakes and pies, vegan and various gluten- or lactose-free cakes were also offered.

1.650 Trees planted in Klövensteen

It's autumn - finally! Because now we can continue with tree planting and fill our vision with life.
Put on your rubber boots and get to work: For the third time this year, Live To Love Germany has invited you to the tree planting campaign in Hamburg's Klövensteen!

Tour de Hamburg

This time, the Live To Love team headed southwest by bike to visit more trees already planted and see if they needed anything.

AHOI! Cool booty for pirates on the Elbe beach

Today, on World Cleanup Day, the Live To Love Pirat:innen once again boarded the Elbe beach near Övelgönne and enthusiastically freed it from microplastics, crown caps and cigarette butts.

CARE action for refugee women and children

It's the simple games that are the most fun: and certainly rubber twist and skipping rope are among them. Unfortunately, they have almost fallen into oblivion. But you can easily revive them.

Planting trees makes you happy!

3 Walnut Trees for Hamburg - Bike Tour - Northern Route
For a long time we have planned to visit the already planted trees with all team leads and enjoy a small celebration afterwards.

Respectful encounters in Hamburg

Live To Love-CARE: in the name of humanity.
When delivering the bags as part of the CARE initiative, conversations often develop with the elderly people in which they look back on their lives and tell what means the most to them.

Live To Love Germany has done it again....

Live To Love's contribution to the HAMBURG FOUNDATION DAYS. Or: How come waffles lead to a meadow of flowers? Quite simply! Through a highly committed house community in Efeuweg. In winter, during the lockdown, they initiated a waffle bake and then sold the pastries for a good cause.

Love is caring: Outreach at the Sol Luna Mercy Sanctuary

A smaller team from North Rhine-Westphalia visited on Saturday the mercy shelter Sol Luna e.V. for abandoned and abused animals, who live there under the loving care of Irmgard Gubitz - a real heart project !

Food donations and love for the Gnadenhof Barlt

Despite the heat, a good-humored Live To Love team enthusiastically made its way to Gnadenhof Barlt in Dithmarschen. It took two cars to pick up the food donations from Michael Ohlsen, of Heimterpartner Zoo-Markt Alsterdorf, which were gratefully received.

Photos: © Agnes Forsthuber / Live To Love Germany

Loving means acting

Join us and get actively involved in our actions. We are looking forward to you!

Live To Love Germany is part of this international network of humanitarian and charitable activities. The organization of local and the support of international aid projects through active work, donations or contributions in kind is our central task.

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